2nd October 2012 2.30pm






14th October 2011

Found a really interesting site today if you're into graffiti or street art, or both. It's called "graffiti archeology" and it basically is a little flash site which maps certain spots around what I think is New York, from around late 90s to 2008. You work the site by firstly choosing your internet speed, then once you are in it loads "outlines" on the screen which are basically photo layers. There is a little time line of 3d pages at the bottom at you can click on; layer 1 1998 through to the last layer which can be anytime after. It will show each piece of new graffiti on the wall throughout the decade. It's interesting to see the build up of tags, to throw ups, to pieces, to productions, then the buff, then see it all over again! It had me thinking, about a couple of things; firstly, like the war on drugs, what's the point? The proponents of the "buff" are fighting a losing battle! Maybe some spots, like some drugs, should just be legalized and that way you will get a better quality product. Secondly, it showed me the absolute lack of respect toys have. Some decent pieces dogged with shitty tags. Are the days of "the rules of graffiti" gone? And no, I am not addicted to drugs - just making a comparison.

You can find it here:






11th October 2011

Stumbled upon this online today. Check out the amazing work of Gregory Euclide. You can peep his website at www.gregoryeuclide.com/


10th October 2011

Ok Ok Ok, so it's been 2 whole months since I have updated the blog. What can I say? Been busy. Busy as hell actually. However, I have now finished my last (I hope) large project for the year and have FREE TIME. Yes free time to create my own work outside of commissions. Not that updating the blog takes time, it just goes to the back of my mind.

Ok so we're back. Going to blog a few things today so stay tuned. Firstly, I could go with taking some of this fucking advice:



10th October 2011 1.32pm

Having a wee trawl through the online galleries and blogs and came across this, amazing sci fi art from Wanbao from China



10th October 2011 1.11pm

I often get asked if I have any exhibitions coming up, or if I would contribute to a certain exhibition or to talk about previous exhibitions. The answer is I have only ever been a part of 1 exhibition, in Glasgow in 2007, along with fellow Scottish graffiti artist Gazmac. This is not becasue I don't like exhibitions, I'd love to get involved more - it's purely a financial/time thing. The following video is of the "Young and Free" exhibition that runs until 22nd of October in San Francisco. Now THIS is something I'd love to be a part of. Aussie artists and North American artists teaming up to provide an eye gasm of galactic proportions.



10th October 2011 12.53pm

Check out this illustration by Martin Grohs, loving the colours, forms and flow. You can follow through to his Behance page here