Hello and welcome to the new site!

It's taken a long time, over a year to get Style Depth up and running, but finally I made it past the finish line, wheezing like a 40 a day smoker with their veins stuffed with lard! So here we are, brand new site, new portfolio, new look, new logo, new everything. Firstly thanks to everybody who's checked out the www.asonedigital.com site over the last few years, and to all the clients past and present, that have used and are using me for their creative stuff based on what they saw at asonedigital. That website served me since 2007, but it was time for a change though, and me and asonedigital had some great times, but it's time to send it to website heaven. Now I can honestly say "regular updates" will be a feature thanks to friends at www.northcolour.com who were responsible for all the back end stuff. This means I have my very own CMS, so I can add stuff as it's done. 

I also have this blog, which I'm going to be updating on a weekly basis with everything that makes me tick, and stuff from around the world which I think is cool and interesting, I'll probably use it for the odd rant, but I'll try and keep that to a minimum. So, that's about it from me on the "welcome" note, take it easy peeps and enjoy the art!