May 27th 2011

Came across this amazing tree house in my internet travels today, thought it was worthwhile blogging. Love to live somewhere like this!



May 24th 2011

Glad to see the blog restored to full working capacity again. Found this interesting article about "dazzle pattern" camouflage, used to disguise and break up the outlines of ships on the horizon. It was mainly employed during World War 1. I had always thought they were grey, black or white, so was surprised when reading this article I found out many of them were bright colours! They look like pieces of floating modern art. Check the article below.


May 20th 2011

well folks, having a bit of a technical problem with my pic uploader for the blog. So the art stuff is going to have to wait. Will be back with pics once this is up and running. In the meantime check out the latest from the Liquid DNB website's  Bass Drive show!


May 8th 2011

I think it's about time i started posting a lot more art and design as promised from around the online world...and I will. From now on every week I'll try and do an update of stuff. Today I stumbled upon the amzing sci fi art of Kentaro Kanamoto. The landscapes are beautiful, and it's art like this that is making me want to either pick up the brush and start painting sci fi canvasses again like I did when I was in high school, or learn a digital 3D package, or both. Check his stuff out here