General Terms and Conditions

Initial 25% deposit for work over $1000

Client agrees to make an initial payment of 25% of the final quoted cost upfront, after initial brief and before work is undertaken. Final payment to be made no later than 10 days after work is complete, final proof signed off and invoice recieved.

Initial 50% deposit for work under $1000

Client agrees to make an initial payment of 50% of the final quoted cost upfront, after initial brief and before work is undertaken. Final payment to be made no later than 10 days after work is complete, final proof signed off and invoice recieved.

Non quotable projects

Occasionally instances arise whereby project costs are ongoing and no final quote can be given upon initial contact e.g working on several large flexible projects for an agency. However few and far between these cases may be, I will invoice periodically for costs incurred up to the invoice date, and will not enter into undertaking work for the client and the client should not enter into any work with myself, until this has been agreed upon.

Every project is different, and whilst we constantly strive to meet deadlines, unseen problems can always rear their heads. A rough timescale will be agreed at the time of briefing. However projects may be delayed due to client circumstances or any other circumstances outwith the control of myself or people working with me. Please ensure that you respond to any correspondence as soon as possible, whether it be email, written, text message, phone call or by other means.


Large changes in client input/direction or excessive changes to final artwork at final design stage or completed mural stage will be charged at the alteration fee of $75 per hour. Any new work the Client wishes Consultant to create, which is not specified in the DESCRIPTION of any brief or  agreement, will be considered a new project, and will require a separate discussion, contract and payment terms.

Large changes for artwork projects include:

Complete redesign or installation of website/illustration/graphic artwork/mural. Extra logo sheets to agreed quantity or complete new direction of artwork other than that already discussed and agreed upon in early stages.

Excessive changes include:

Constant and excessive “tweaking” of final artwork or final designs (graphics: up to 3 minor changes are allowed i.e colour change, font, positioning of certain aspects of the design) (art installations/canvasses: pre-designs should give knowledge of how the final mural/canvas/artwork is to look, however 3 x small changes such as repositioning of any small text up to 30cm in height are allowed, as are the covering up of any areas up to 100cm x 100cm)


Proofs will be sent by email, with confirmation required either by email or in writing. There are cases however, when proofs will need to be hard copy to be signed and returned by client. Please note whilst every effort is made to make sure artwork is correct, it is the client's responsibility to check final proofs. If the client has signed a proof to go to print and later decides they need something changed or there is a mistake, then the cost of rectifying this will rest with the client and not with myself.

Termination of project before completion

 From time to time, clients may find that they do not wish to carry on with a project. If this happens, then i must be notified immediately in writing and all design costs up to the point of notification must be met.


please be advised, a quote is an estimation of cost at the given time. In the vast majority of cases the quote will be the final price paid, however there may be instances where the cost of a project may exceed the quote, for example if equipment such as scaffolding is needing to be hired. In all cases I will advise the client beforehand to get approval before increasing the cost of a quoted project

Non Payment

I reserve the right to withold finished artwork until payment has been made. Please note, I will actively pursue people legally who do not pay, no matter how little the amount, even if it puts me at a financial loss to do so.

Late Payment

If a payment is late, a charge of 10% of the final cost per re-sent invoice will be incurred, unless an agreement has been reached between the client and myself.


“I have never hired an artist before, and don’t have much money, if I buy you some beers will you paint my wall?”

It’s taken a long time to get to the stage where I can make a living off my art, and I myself have bills to pay and this is a professional service - so whilst the offer of a cold beer is nice, I’m sorry, it’s not something I accept as payment.

“I’m a teenager and I like graffiti art, can you come to my house and teach me how to paint?”

I’m sorry, this is not a service I offer, please contact your local youth groups regarding spraycan art workshops

“I saw a mural/design/logo/website I liked, can you please copy it?”

I’m sorry, I don’t copy other peoples’ work, please contact the original artist, this gets creatives into all sorts of trouble!

“My Aunt’s cat’s best friend thinks this would look better in brown and blue, can you change it again?”

Please see “alterations”.

“Do you paint artwork in apartments?”

Yes, often. If you have something in mind please contact me and we can discuss your options

“I have been looking around and have found an artist who will do it at a fraction of your cost, will you match their price?”

Whilst I am open to negotiation within reason, if you have found somebody who will do your project for next to nothing please feel free to use them. Ask yourself do they do it for a living, or are they part timers wanting some beer money? Can you really count on them? Do they have much experience painting murals? These are all questions you should take into account when commissioning artwork at a cheap cost.

“We are an advertising agency and whilst we can’t pay you , we can promote your services as payment, will you work for us?”

Again, it’s a professional service I offer, so I cannot accept this as payment.

“I am going to ring you tonight regarding the design of my business card, it’ll be after tea time, probably after 8pm. Will you be in?”

I may or may not be in, most probably I will be, but please try and phone between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday unless otherwise arranged, thanks!

“I thought hiring a graffiti artist or mural artist would be way cheaper than a painter and decorator, why is this not the case?”

A painter and decorator will charge you simply to apply one colour or simple techniques to a wall. An artist will actually design your art and do you custom artwork suited to your tastes, then use his/her talent and skill learned from years of experience to turn that bespoke design into a one off, unique artwork tailored to you. Basically there is way more work involved and you are getting something unique, so it is unlikely to be way cheaper than a painter and decorators service.